Our Commitment

We understand complexity and invest in competence. After over 10 years, we also know that the success of the firm rests clearly on the management, competence, and expertise of our professional staff.


In Early years when oil was newly discovered in Nigeria , there are lots of accidents and fatalities in our oil and gas field which took lives of many professionals in this sector.
Today, there is a low rate of incident due to Health Safety and Environment (H.S.E) practice in our oil and gas sector.
In view of that, Hupe is 100percent safety conscious and committed to the safety of all employees, contractors and sub-contractors.
This is achieved through provision of Job Risk Analysis, Safety Meetings, employees induction among others.
In Addition, we always engage only trained, experienced, certified and qualified personnel in executing task and this has reciprocated to ZERO fatality from the year 2000 till date.